Gervonta Davis Professional Record: 93% Best KO Ratio

About Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis, also known as Tank or “The One,” is a professional boxer from the United States. He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 7, 1994. At the age of 18, Gervonta Davis made his debut as a boxing professional debut against his former opponent Desi Williams which resulted in his first knock to start his career on February 22, 2013. Gervonta at the time of writing this blog is 28 years old and he will celebrate his 29th birthday later this year.

Gervonta Davis Professional Boxing Career

Gervonta Davis Professional Record

Gervonta started his professional career in January of 2012, which was one month before his first professional fight debut. Since his debut, Tank has been active as a professional boxer and has fought in 29 professional fights and has won all 29 fights. At the time of writing this blog (September 2022), his boxing record is 29-0 with 27 KOs. Throughout his professional career, he has competed in 130 rounds with many of his fights ending in early knockouts. He currently holds the WBA World Lightweight belt and he has the distinction of being a three-weight division world champion.

29April 22, 2023LightRyan GarciaW-KO7/12
28Jan 7, 2023LightHector Luis GarciaW-TKO9/12
27May 28, 2022LightRolando RomeroW-TKO6/12
26Dec 5, 2021LightIsaac CruzW-UD12/12
25Jun 26, 2021Super LightMario BarriosW-TKO11/12
24Oct 31, 2020Super FeatherLéo Santa CruzW-KO6/12
23Dec 28, 2019LightYuriorkis GamboaW-TKO12/12
22Jul 27, 2019Super FeatherRicardo NúñezW-TKO2/12
21Feb 9, 2019Super FeatherHugo RuizW-KO1/12
20Apr 21, 2018Super FeatherJesús Marcelo Andres CuellarW-TKO3/12
19Aug 26, 2017Super FeatherFrancisco FonsecaW-KO8/12
18May 20, 2017Super FeatherLiam WalshW-TKO3/12
17Jan 14, 2017Super FeatherJosé PedrazaW-TKO7/12
16Jun 3, 2016LightMario Antonio MaciasW-KO1/8
15Apr 1, 2016Super FeatherGuillermo Avila GodinezW-TKO6/10
14Dec 18, 2015LightLuis SanchezW-KO9/10
13Oct 30, 2015LightCristóbal CruzW-TKO3/8
12Sep 12, 2015LightRecky DulayW-TKO1/6
11May 22, 2015LightAlberto MoraW-TKO1/8
10Feb 20, 2015Super FeatherIsrael Suarez OlmedaW-KO1/6
9Oct 8, 2014FeatherGermán Ivan MerazW-UD6/6
8Aug 1, 2014LightHector LopezW-KO1/4
7May 16, 2014Super FeatherJoshua ArochoW-RTC2/4
6Dec 14, 2013FeatherJames FranksW-TKO2/6
5Oct 17, 2013Super FeatherEric Jamar GoodallW-TKO4/4
4Jul 20, 2013FeatherRafael CasiasW-TKO2/6
3Jun 8, 2013Super LightJonathan GearsW-KO1/4
2Apr 20, 2013FeatherJacob NinowW-TKO2/4
1Feb 22, 2013FeatherDesi WilliamsW-KO1/4

Gervonta Davis Professional Record Stats

Davis stands at 5′ 5 1/2″ tall (166 cm) with an arm length reach of 67 1/2″ (171 cm). He is primarily a southpaw fighter, which means his power is typically found in his left hand; however, he has been known to switch his stance displaying his ability to be able to fight in both the southpaw and the orthodox stances. Along with his boxing IQ and punching power, Gervonta Davis has achieved an impressive 93.1% Knock Out Ratio (KOR).

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Where does Gervonta Davis live?

Gervonta Davis is still a professional boxer who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland which is where he was also born. He is known to train in the Mayweather Boxing Gym in Las Vegas every now and then since he is under Mayweather Promotions; however, he calls Baltimore home. He currently trains at the Upton Boxing Center in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is overseen by his long-time boxing coach, Calvin Ford.

What Age Did Gervonta Davis Start Boxing?

Gervonta Davis was only 12 years old when he started his amateur career on February 2, 2006, and he fought in the amateurs until January 2012, when he later had his professional boxing debut on February 22, 2013 when he was 18 years old against Desi Williams.

Who Did Gervonta Davis Fight in His Last Match?

On April 22, 2023, Tank delivered a jaw-dropping knockout victory against Ryan Garcia that left the boxing world in awe. The defining moment of the match came when Davis unleashed a powerful body shot that crumpled Garcia to the canvas, unable to beat the referee’s count. It was a testament to Davis’s incredible punching power and his ability to target his opponent’s vulnerabilities with surgical precision.

Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis

On January 7, 2023, Gervonta once again showcased his devastating power and precision in the ring against Hector Garcia. The defining moment of the fight came when Davis unleashed a blistering power shot that had Garcia briefly struggling with his vision. Garcia was compelled to inform the referee that he could not see out of one eye, leading to a technical knockout being awarded to Tank. Davis’s incredible punching accuracy and fight-ending power left no doubt about his boxing prowess. This victory was not only a testament to Davis’s remarkable power but also a reminder of his uncanny ability to land devastating blows when least expected.

Hector Garcia vs Gervonta Davis

On May 28, 2022, Davis had a title defense bout for the WBA (Regular) lightweight title against Rolando Romero, where he won via a sixth-round KO. He defended his WBA (Regular) championship with ease after landing a clean countershot on an overly aggressive Romero. He stated that he wanted to fight the winner of Haney vs Kambosos; however, since Haney has to fight Kambosos twice, it looks like Tank has his eyes set on fighting Isaac Cruz again.

When Did Gervonta Davis Win His First World Title Belt?

Gervonta Davis won his first world title at the age of 22 on January 14, 2017, after 16 professional bouts against José Pedraza for the IBF super-featherweight title. He became the new world champion at super-featherweight after he knocked out Pedraza in the 7th round.

How Many Championship Belts Did Gervonta Davis Win?

Gervonta Davis has fought for and won five world titles in three divisions. In total, he has won five belts in three weight classes: super-featherweight (WBA 2x, IBF), lightweight (WBA), and super-lightweight (WBA). He is a one-time unified super-featherweight world champion and he currently holds the WBA (regular) lightweight belt.

Has Gervonta Davis Lost a Fight?

Gervonta Davis has never lost a fight and he is currently undefeated. In his fight against Isaac Cruz, many people feel that if Pitbull Cruz had more time to prepare he would have beaten Tank; however, Gervonta also injured his lead hand during the fight, which probably spared Cruz from getting knocked out as well.

Gervonta Davis KO Ratio

What Were Some of Gervonta Davis’s Best Fights?

Gervonta Davis put the world on notice when he defeated José Pedraza to become champion and since then, he has faced guys such as Rolando Romero, Isaac Cruz, Mario Barrios, Léo Santa Cruz, Liam Walsh, and Fransico Fonseca. Many of his fans would still like to see him face the likes of Devin Haney or Vasiliy Lomachenko.


What Are the Total Knock Outs on Gervonta Davis Record?

Out of Gervonta Davis’s 29 opponents, he has knocked out 27 of them, giving him a KO ratio of 93.1%.