Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney: Fight Prediction for 2023

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney is the mega fight of the lightweight division. What makes this fight so huge is that BoxRec currently has Gervonta Davis ranked as #1 in the lightweight division and they have Devin Haney ranked as #2 despite Haney holding more titles and having more wins. This fight is a chance for one fighter to prove that they are the best in the world in the 135-pound division.

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney Fight Prediction

Summary of Gervonta Davis’s Career Highlights

The only thing standing in Gervonta Davis’s way is Devin Haney. Tank is the current WBA World Lightweight Champion, and he is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous punchers in the boxing world. He has an undefeated record (29-0-0) and many of his bouts end in a dramatic knockout.

He is referred to as Tank because many of his opponents often are winning on the scorecards because Davis is able to weather an onslaught of punches only to set his opponent up for a devastating uppercut. Davis is also a tremendous boxer, with his skills many times being overlooked due to his ability to KO his opponents early and this is what makes this a tough challenge for Devin Haney.

Summary of Devin Haney’s Career Highlights

Respectively, the only thing standing in Devin Haney’s way is Gervonta Davis. The Dream is currently the Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the world, and he is highly respected as one of the best boxers who seeks to master the art of hitting and not getting hit in the boxing world.

He has an undefeated record (31-0-0) as well and if you cannot knock him out, the fight will most likely end in a unanimous decision in his favor. Haney has one of the best jabs ever in boxing right now, which makes it difficult for his opponents to get close to him and this is what makes this a tough challenge for Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney Will Be an Instant Classic

With everything considered, this fight has all the makings of an instant classic. It is a matchup of two undefeated fighters who are both world champions. Gervonta Davis has the power advantage while Devin Haney has the size and skill advantage. We share the same sentiment as Oscar De La Hoya when he was asked about this fight once Devin Haney put on a boxing masterclass after he defeated George Kambosos Jr to become Undisputed Lightweight Champion:

Oscar De La Hoya on Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney

“All I can think of is Haney Vs Tank being the most exciting fight in boxing.”

Oscar De La Hoya

Gervonta Davis is one of the most exciting fighters in boxing. He is a two-time world champion at super featherweight and is the current WBA light heavyweight champion. He is undefeated as a professional with a record of 29-0. Gervonta Davis has explosive power and has stopped 27 of his opponents by knockout.

Gervonta Davis Boxing Record

Gervonta Davis  Boxing Record with Mayweather Promotions

About Gervonta “Tank” Davis

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer from Baltimore, Maryland where he currently resides as well. At 27 years old, he has become the Pay Per View star of our time under Mayweather Promotions established by Floyd Mayweather Junior. He has a remarkable boxing record spanning many weight divisions with 29 wins, no losses, and no draws.

He stands at 5′-5½” / 166cm with a reach of 67″ / 171cm fighting in the southpaw stance. His professional career started on February 22, 2013, he has fought in a total of 114 rounds as a professional and he currently holds the WBA World Lightweight title.


Gervonta Davis BoxRec Career Stats and Opponents

Gervonta Davis’s combination of power, precision, and fortitude is the reason many people know him as Tank and a feared fighter in the lightweight division. Out of the 29 wins, 27 have ended early because he has knocked his opponents out bringing his KO ratio to 93.1%. He recently knocked out Rolando Romero in the electrifying match-up in the Barclays Center located in Brooklyn, New York making it the first boxing event in the venue since the world went into a shutdown.

Gervonta Davis One of the Best Lightweights

His last five opponents have all been world-class fighters, which he has knocked out except for one where he injured his hand during the fight. The other four previous opponents include the likes of Isaac “Pit Bull” Cruz, Mario Barrios, Leo Santa Cruz, and Yuriorkis Gamboa. Gervonta has been able to display his boxing talents in many different weight classes and has earned a position on the boxing pound-for-pound list of this era.

Devin Haney Boxing Record (31-0-0)

Devin Haney Boxing Record with DAZN

About Devin “The Dream” Haney

Devin Haney is an American professional boxer from San Francisco, California residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. At only 23 years old, he has accomplished the greatest title by becoming the Undisputed Lightweight champion of the world. He also has an impressive boxing record in the lightweight division with 31 wins, no losses, and no draws.

He stands at 5′-8″ / 173cm with a reach of 71″ / 180cm fighting in the orthodox stance. His professional career started on December 18, 2015, he has fought in a total of 174 rounds as a professional and he currently holds the IBF World Lightweight title, the WBA Super World Lightweight title, the WBC World Lightweight title, the WBO World Lightweight title and Ring Magazine Franchise title.


Devin Haney BoxRec Career Stats and Opponents

Devin Haney’s combination of speed, agility, and precision has made him a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division. Out of the 28 wins, 15 have ended due to a knockout bringing his KO ratio to 53.6%. He recently defeated George Kambosos Junior in a unanimous decision bout in Melbourne, Australia to become the Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the world.

His last five opponents have all been world-class fighters, and he has beaten them all convincingly, ending in unanimous decisions. The other four previous opponents include the likes of Joseph (Jojo) Diaz, Jorge Linares, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Alfredo Santiago. Many boxing experts believe that Devin Haney is destined for more greatness and to become a world champion in more than one weight class as he decides to move up in weight.

2 Top Reasons Why Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney Fight May Not Happen

1) Rumors of Floyd Mayweather Promotions Holding Gervonta Davis Back

What started as a kid who walked into the Mayweather boxing gym looking to improve his skill has evolved into Floyd Mayweather Promotions taking charge to do their best to shape Gevornta “Tank” Davis into the next megastar of boxing. Floyd Mayweather Jr and Gervonta Davis have been working together since 2015; however, the road to making him a Pay-Per-View star has not always been smooth due to other boxers in the lightweight division and fans claiming that Gervonta is being protected by Mayweather Promotions.

Gervonta Davis on whether Mayweather Promotions is protecting him

Back in November 2021, Gervonta is on record stating the following on Brian Custer’s Platform called the Last Stand Podcast

“They’re saying Mayweather Promotions are protecting me and not letting me fight top fighters. Whoever is in the top four, I don’t know who they’re talking about. Name somebody that is fighting the top whoever. You don’t see any other top fighters fighting top guys. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. It’ll probably happen next year or the year after that. I don’t know but don’t just put everything on me and say I’m not fighting top guys.”

Gervonta Davis

The frustration expressed in Gervonta’s statement shows that he feels like no one else is fighting any top competition so why is the pressure on him to fight top competition? This frustration rose even more as his next fight was announced and he began to share his thoughts even more. Before the fight between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero, Tank stated in a now-deleted tweet that he would not be fighting under the Mayweather brand and he was quoted saying “My contract is up, that’s why [Mayweather Promotions] wants me to fight this clown [referring to Rolando Romero] so bad.”

Going off of Gervonta’s words, it would seem like the champ has a point; however, when you look at the spectrum of the lightweight division, his statements do not hold weight, especially when you consider Devin Haney’s record of fighting the top competition in the lightweight division to become the youngest undisputed lightweight champion in the world.

Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis for Undisputed

The elephant in the room is that BOTH fighters, Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney grew more notoriety coming up through the ranks in the Mayweather gym.

A fight between these two boxers is not just a regular fight. Both fighters were molded by Floyd Mayweather Jr himself and they were encouraged to be better than Floyd Mayweather. But what does it mean to be better than Floyd Mayweather Jr? He is known for fighting the best fighters and champions while maintaining a 50-0-0 boxing record! His brand is called TBE, which stands for “The Best Ever” and how can one become better than the best? The easy answer is that a fight between these two fighters would result in one of the fighters gaining a loss on their record and snuffing out the dreams of the other becoming better than Floyd!

Floyd Mayweather Jr TBE and Owner of Mayweather Promotions

A lot of boxing fans and critics truly hate the notion that you cannot be great unless you have a perfect record; however, we cannot ignore that since Gervonta Davis is the cash cow for Mayweather promotions, they would not be in a rush to throw him in the ring to fight competition, such as Devin Haney, that might result in him losing his unblemished record as it stands. Gervonta may state that he is frustrated with how he is being perceived as being managed by Mayweather Promotions; however, Mayweather’s promotions have done an amazing job shaping the young star and I fully understand them wanting to help him become bigger than TBE himself.

Personally, I would like to see this fight made no matter the outcome because both gentlemen have amazing careers ahead of them and a loss to top competition should not dictate your rank as one of the best. Canelo Alvarez has two losses on his record and he is still being considered for the Pound-for-Pound boxing list.

Only time will tell if Gervonta decides to step up because no matter what his promotion company may want for him, he is the one in control of his career and he can make the fight happen if he really wants to do it just like Devin Haney stepped up to fight George Kambosos under the worse boxing conditions placed in a contract that he has ever agreed to only because he believed in his ability to defeat George.

Devin Haney vs George Kambosos Rematch

2) Sparring History Between Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney

Many people who are boxing fans have heard about the two sparring sessions Gervonta and Devin experienced as they were coming up in the Mayweather Gym and both fighters have shared their sides of the sparring sessions over the years.

Tank’s side of the story when it comes to sparring with Devin Haney in the gym is that he almost knocked him out. When asked on the podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game,” Gervonta recounts what happened from his perspective:

“But it was like, it was more so of, back and forth, and then once I got tired, it was like a little, he picked up like a little bit. But it was nothing like crazy, like boom, boom, boom. I don’t even talk about like, I caught him in the sparring match and almost knocked him out. Like Adrien jumped in the ring and like nah it’s over and everybody was just about to fight. Because I caught him and almost knocked him out.” ~ Gervonta Davis

Tank went on to explain that he only got tired because he had just gotten off a plane before arriving at the gym and that he was not in the kind of shape he would prefer to be in for an actual fight. If you are a Tank fan, then you know that he does not try to stay in fighting shape all year round. In his quote above, he is inferring that if he was able to almost knock him out not being in shape, then he would definitely be able to knock him out if he was in fighting shape.

When Devin speaks about the sparring sessions, his story has remained consistent about him sparring with Tank when he was really young, and not knowing who Tank was at the time, Tank got the best of him. However, the recently crowned undisputed champ states that when he got the chance to spar with Davis again following dog house rules in the Mayweather Gym, he got the best of Tank and made him quit. Fight Hype captured his recount of the sparring session.

By the end of the second sparring match, Floyd Mayweather Sr. also stated that Devin Haney got the best of Tank as well. Based on the accounts of both fighters, an actual fight would be different because in sparring there is headgear and bigger gloves to protect the fighters from taking too much damage in matches that do not hold much weight. Many fans speculate that if Gervonta Davis can catch Haney with one of his signature uppercuts with 8-ounce boxing gloves and no headgear, it will be very hard for Devin Haney to continue for the rest of the night.

It would be nice to be able to see the actual sparring footage from that night for the rest of the boxing world to get a glimpse into how a possible matchup may play out, but let’s be honest. When the two fighters sparred they were not only younger but not as developed as the fighters they are nowadays. A fight now would result in way different results because both fighters have matured and grown into a more deadly and elite competition.

Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney Fight Date

At this time we do not have a scheduled date, but once we know then we will update this article so stay tuned!

Boxing Prediction: Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney

Devin has become a lot more elusive and his recent match against George Kambosos, who was known for his lightning speed and quickness, proved that Haney was even faster than George by making Kambosos look like an amateur the entire night. Gervonta on the other hand has maintained one of the highest Knock-out ratios in the sport of boxing and despite only being credited for his power, being under the Mayweather brand name has drastically improved his boxing skills to help him set up his opponents for devastating knockouts.

In conclusion, I truly believe that Devin Haney has what it takes to beat Gervonta Davis if he focuses on putting on a masterclass about the sweet science of hitting and not getting hit. He is not only younger and faster, but he can frustrate his opponents once they realize they cannot land the punches they may want to land on him. Davis still has a puncher’s chance with his ability to totally change the course of the night in one or two perfectly placed punches; however, I believe that Devin Haney will win by unanimous decision in a close, hard-fought battle between the two.