About Justin Lewis

“My goal in life is to take the complexities of life and make them easier to understand.”

About JustinTime Blogs and Justin Lewis!

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In his personal life, he is referred to as J Lew and he is praised as being the most informative YouTuber for 360 Waves by providing hair tutorials about how to get healthier hair and faster results without the gimmicks. He decided to use his engineering degree to not only design a better world but also to design a better product for the natural hair community after struggling with dandruff and dry/itchy scalp. He is the first in his family to graduate college and he has made a name for himself as an industry leader.

This site was started because of his passion to reach people all over the world and while he made videos to do that he encountered a few people who had hearing issues and it prompted him to put his knowledge into a written format for those who are audio impaired. Feel free to check out the blogs on the site.

If you are a business looking for a professional estimate writer, please feel free to reach out for more details.