Best Independent Adjuster Firm Rosters to Join in 2024

Best Independent Adjuster Firm Rosters to Join Ultimate List for 2023

In this blog, we will talk about what are independent adjuster firms, what are independent adjuster firm rosters, the Big 6 independent adjuster firms to join, and how many independent adjuster firm rosters one should consider joining for success in getting deployed. What is an Independent Adjuster Firm? IA stands for Independent Adjuster(s). An independent … Read more

Teofimo Lopez vs Gervonta Davis: Best Boxing Matchups (2024)

Teofimo Lopez vs Gervonta Davis - Best Boxing Matchups

In this new era of boxing, the sport is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, thanks to a fresh generation of talented fighters. What sets this era apart are the electrifying matchups that keep fans on the edge of their seats. These bouts are not just about raw power and technique but also a collision of … Read more

Cutting Hair Against the Grain vs With the Grain

Cutting Hair: Against the Grain vs With the Grain

When it comes to achieving the perfect haircut and well-defined waves, understanding the concepts of cutting hair against the grain and with the grain is essential. These techniques play a significant role in the outcome of your hair’s length, texture, and overall appearance. Let’s dive deeper into the difference between cutting hair against the grain … Read more

Understanding Clipper Guards for Perfect 360 Waves

Understanding Clipper Guards (BaBylissPRO GoldFX)

Introduction Hey there, it’s your boy Jay Lew, and I’m excited to welcome you to this comprehensive guide on achieving flawless 360 waves by understanding clipper guards before cutting your hair or getting it cut by a barber. As someone who recently transitioned from having locs and going back to the world of 360 waves, … Read more

Ending My Curly Loc Journey with Insane Hair Growth – 2023


Introduction: Embracing Change Hey, what’s up, everyone! It’s your boy Jay Lew, and I’m excited to share something new with you all today. It’s been a while since you’ve seen me, and as you can see, I’m sporting a different hairstyle now. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on my recent curly loc … Read more