Ending My Curly Loc Journey with Insane Hair Growth – 2023

Introduction: Embracing Change

Hey, what’s up, everyone! It’s your boy Jay Lew, and I’m excited to share something new with you all today. It’s been a while since you’ve seen me, and as you can see, I’m sporting a different hairstyle now. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on my recent curly loc journey, the decisions I’ve made, and the spiritual growth it brought into my life.

Ending My Curly Loc Journey - 1 Year and 8 Months
1 Year and 8 Months of Hair Growth

The Poll: 360 Waves vs Dreadlocks

First off, I want to acknowledge the overwhelming response I received when I conducted a poll asking whether I should continue my curly loc journey or return to my signature 360 waves. It’s heartwarming to know that so many of you missed the waves and wanted to see them back on my channel.

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But there were also a ton of people who encouraged me to keep the locs and continue making videos about them. I appreciate the support from both groups, and I want you to know that I’ve documented aspects of my curly loc journey that I will share with you all through videos and blogs in the future.

My Perspective on Curly Loc Journey

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my curly loc journey. Some people like to spiritualize their loc journey, believing that their strength and power are in their hair; however, I don’t share this belief. Our strength and power come from within, and our external appearances are merely personal preferences. So, whether I have locs or not, it doesn’t affect my inner self.

Despite not seeing the journey as a spiritual endeavor, I must admit that it was a humbling experience. When I started my YouTube channel back in 2015, I was excited and eager to grow and connect with my audience. However, over time, I got caught up in the wave game and let certain aspects of it affect me more than I realized.

During this time, I have also come to realize just curly is my actual hair type, and I don’t believe in the classification system like 3A, 3B, or 3C. I made a video about it earlier, and I’ve always embraced my curly hair. So, with locs, it made sense to have curly ends, even though it’s not my personal preference.

Cutting My Curly Locs to Return to 360 Waves

I must admit that getting locs did not feel like the final destination for my hair journey. While it taught me valuable lessons about letting go and embracing change, I knew it was not the path I wanted to continue on. With my looser curl type, maintaining locs required a different approach, and it just wasn’t fitting well with my routine.

Around the six-month mark, the locs started to form, and I experienced both highs and lows during the process. Some people advised me to wait it out, claiming that there would be an “ugly phase,” but I don’t believe in such a thing. I think everyone’s hair journey is unique, and it’s essential to listen to our own instincts.

Ultimately, I realized that cutting my curly locs would be the right decision. It was a way to start fresh, to shed the ego that had unintentionally built up over the years. Don’t get me wrong; I loved how my locs looked and embraced the curly loc journey. But deep down, I knew it wasn’t what I truly wanted.

Now, I’m back to my beloved 360 waves, and it feels like coming home. I’ll be honest; I missed having waves on my head. Waves are a part of my identity, and they make me feel like myself. And guess what? I’ll be making more videos about waves because I want to get back to the roots of why I started my channel in the first place – to spread love and positivity.

Moreover, my new website will also focus on featuring other people in the wave community. I want to show appreciation and love to fellow wavers, highlighting their journeys and unique stories. The idea is to build a community where we can all connect, learn, and inspire each other.


Conclusion: A Grateful Salute

During this journey, I learned that everything is not for everybody. People may offer advice, but it’s essential to listen to our hearts and make decisions that align with who we truly are. Hair texture, preferences, and routines differ from person to person, and that’s the beauty of it.

I want to thank you all for your unwavering support throughout my loc journey and for embracing me as I transition back to waves. Your love and encouragement mean the world to me, and it’s a driving force behind my dedication to creating valuable content for you all.

So, as we move forward, expect to see more raw and minimal videos from me. I want to focus on providing better service to all my supporters, whether you prefer watching videos or reading blogs. The journey continues, and I’m thrilled to have you all by my side.

Thank you for joining me on this ride, and stay tuned for the next video where I’ll be cutting my hair. It’s your boy Jay Lew, signing off with love and gratitude. Salute, fam!