Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue: Battle for Supremacy 2023

Boxing enthusiasts have been spoiled this year thus far with all of the matchups that have been taking place. We are just over the halfway point in the year and there are plenty of upcoming fights of the best fighting the best. Among them, the Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue bout on July 25th stands out as one of the most significant fights of the year. Surprisingly, this fight has not received the attention it truly deserves.

In the shadow of high-profile matches like Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford, this fight has the potential to reshape the boxing landscape. With Canelo Alvarez’s apparent decline and the potential rise of new champions, it’s evident that the tides are changing. This blog post will explore the implications of the Fulton-Inoue fight and discuss why it’s crucial for the recognition of underappreciated fighters.

The Changing Boxing Landscape

While boxing fans are reveling in the excitement of this year’s fights, old media platforms seem to be struggling to keep up. The decline of Canelo Alvarez, who is seen as the face of the sport, leaves a void at the top. If Naoya Inoue were to lose to Stephen Fulton, it would force the American old media platforms to acknowledge fighters they have long avoided placing well-deserving fighters at the top of their pound-for-pound rankings.

The upcoming fight between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford, which could crown another American Undisputed champion, only adds to the shifting dynamics of the sport. And if Fulton emerges victorious, there will be no denying his status as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters, with his inclusion in the top five being a foregone conclusion.

Stephen Fulton: The Overlooked Talent

Stephen Fulton’s prowess in the ring has not gone unnoticed by those who have been paying close attention. Despite being largely ignored by old media, Fulton had already earned his place among the top ten pound-for-pound fighters in the world. His skills, which have been underappreciated, will no longer be overlooked if he triumphs over Inoue.

Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue Fight Prediction

It is worth noting that old media consistently failed to acknowledge Fulton’s talent, with the majority placing other fighters at the top of their lists. This upcoming fight presents an opportunity for Fulton to solidify his position among the sport’s elite and receive the recognition he deserves.

Analyzing the Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue Matchup

In assessing the chances of victory for Stephen Fulton, it’s essential to consider the matchup against Naoya Inoue. While not discounting Inoue’s speed and punching ability, Fulton’s style and physical attributes seem tailor-made for success. Standing taller and having a longer reach, Fulton possesses the tools necessary to control the rhythm and tempo of the fight. His jab alone could prove instrumental in dictating the course of the match.

The early rounds may be competitive, but as the fight progresses, Fulton is expected to dominate since Inoue is known to not have a high delivery of volume in his fights. This prediction is based on the assumption that Inoue will grow increasingly frustrated, leading to more mistakes and vulnerability. In fact, there is a possibility of Inoue even getting hurt during the contest, but I do not see Inoue getting stopped due to Fulton’s lack of power.


Anticipation and Lack of Promotion

As the fight draws closer, it is surprising that there has been a lack of promotion surrounding the Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue showdown. With no press conference held yet, time is running out to generate the buzz necessary to maximize interest in this compelling matchup.

The fight’s proximity heightens the curiosity of fans, urging them to learn more about the fighters and their strategies. Despite the limited information available at present, anticipation for the fight continues to build, leaving fans eagerly waiting for the moment these two skilled athletes step into the ring.


The Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue fight possesses an allure that seems to have been overlooked by many in the boxing community. However, its significance cannot be overstated. With the potential to dethrone old media’s favored fighters and catapult underappreciated talents to the top of the pound-for-pound rankings, this bout has far-reaching consequences for the sport.

Should Fulton emerge victorious, it would cement his status as one of the best fighters in the world, demanding the attention and recognition that has eluded him until now. As the fight approaches, anticipation mounts, leaving fans eager to witness this clash of two remarkable athletes.