Best Way to Wash Your Beard: Longer Growth 7-Step Routine

In order to have a healthy, long beard, it is important to wash your beard regularly using the correct methods. This blog will show you the best way to wash your beard for longer growth. This seven-step routine will ensure that your beard is clean and healthy, without stripping it of its natural oils. Follow these steps next time you wash your beard, and you’ll notice a difference in its appearance and feel.

With that being said I usually do not shoot videos like this in my shower. Just to give you all a disclaimer I will be having basketball shorts on so I do not want anybody getting weirded out by the screenshots because there are a lot of insecure dudes out there that comment on those kinds of things on these types of videos.

Should You Wash Your Beard in the Shower?

One of the main reasons I did not shoot these videos in the past is that I’m about 6′-2″ so typically when I try to get in the shower to do any kind of video I’m always hunched down, but this method is easier to do in the shower. If you try to follow this method in the sink, you will run into the issue of shampoo or conditioner being left in your beard. We definitely do not want that to happen especially if it’s shampoo because shampoo will dry your beard out and your face. Therefore, make sure you follow this method to wash your beard in the shower.

Best Way to Wash Your Beard Naturally for longer growth

What Are the Best Products to Wash Your Beard

As shown below, I recommend using the Design Essentials product line!

Design Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner Set to Wash Your Beard

This is the cleansing shampoo and then this is the honey cream this is the moisturizing shampoo both of these combos are really great to use when you want to wash your beard. In this video, I was using the almond butter conditioner, but all the products mentioned will be listed down below.

7 Steps on the Best Way to Wash Your Beard

The first step that you want to do to wash your beard is you want to make sure that you rinse your beard completely with warm water you can go with hot water but I prefer just warm water because personally I just don’t like using hot water on my skin it opens up my pores too much.

Use Warm Water to Rinse when you Wash Your Beard (Step 1)

The second step for this method to wash your beard is that you are going to take the cleansing shampoo and put it into your hands you can do one or two or how many pumps you need depending on how long your beard is and then you just simply just massage it into your beard.

Apply Cleansing Shampoo when you Wash your Beard (Step 2)

The thing I love about this product is that typically with most shampoos you do not see that much lather but as you can see with this shampoo even just on the first cleanse alone there are a lot of suds. With the first cleanse you are just trying to just go through and get to the base to wash your beard. You want to make sure your beard is completely cleaned with shampoo the first time so make sure you get all the shampoo down to the root of your beard hair.

Once you’re done with it you want to make sure you rinse your beard entirely and this is one reason why you want to do this in the shower right so you make sure you rinse everything. From the back of your neck and all the way under your beard. Rinse it all the way through!

Rinse with Warm Water to Wash Your Beard (Step 3)

Now the next thing that you want to do is you want to get the moisturizing shampoo to wash your beard. I love this one right here because compared to the cleansing shampoo we used one to two pumps but for this one, I just use one pump since my beard is clean.

BUT check this out!

After I mix the shampoo into my hands and then I go throughout my beard, I get way more lather with just one pump just because first of all, I used the cleansing shampoo, and then second of all this moisturizing shampoo really is one of the best shampoos to wash your beard I’ve ever used.

Apply Moisturizing Shampoo when you Wash your Beard

It is not just even the amount of lather but the shininess that it brings to my beard. Shampoos are typically made to cleanse and remove product buildup but this shampoo actually provides moisture to your hair when you wash your beard or your face. But keep in mind that it is shampoo and like I stated before, you do not want to leave the shampoo on your beard or face for long. In the next step, you want to rinse everything through your beard to make sure you get all of the suds off your neck you know you don’t want any kind of shampoo in any portion of your beard.

Rinse with Warm Water to Wash Your Beard (Step 5)

Now the next thing and the most important thing is to use the almond butter conditioner to wash your beard. This conditioner right here is probably not my favorite one from Design Essentials but it is still great! The amount that you use is typically referred to as a “dollop” amount that you want to pick up. Dollop simply means a shapeless mass or blob of something, so you want to just base it on how much you think you need within your beard. You always want to mix it into your hands like I’m doing in the video and then massage it all the way through your beard.

Use Dollop Amount of Conditioner to Wash Your Beard

Now this conditioner as I just previously mentioned is not the best one from Design Essentials because I prefer the Rosemary mint conditioner. However, keep in mind that conditioner is not made to lather up. Conditioner is made to restore your hair’s pH balance level. One of the techniques that I like to do to make sure conditioner gets all throughout my beard is you will see that I’m twisting up my hair but I’m not like actually braiding it or leaving it twisted.

I do this to make sure that I get the conditioner from the roots of my beard hair all the way to the ends of the beard hair. You do not have to leave your beard twisted because the whole purpose of doing this is to detangle your beard to make it a little bit longer but this is just something that I do in order to ensure that the roots all the way to the ends of my beard are conditioned. Then once you use the conditioner what you want to do is wait at least five minutes in total.

When you first hop in the shower you may want to do this method to wash your beard first and then once you put the conditioner in, you can go on and shower the rest of your body, and then once you’re finished with your shower (that should take you about five minutes maybe 10 depending on how long you take your showers), you can go straight into rinsing your beard. Therefore, you can get everything knocked out all in one.

While I am showering to let my beard get all the conditioner into the hair cuticle, once I am finished I typically turn my water to cold. I do this for several reasons and several benefits cold water showers offer you. I’ll probably make a separate blog about that but especially when it comes to your rinsing out the product from your hair, cold water helps to keep more of the nutrients from the conditioner in your beard.

Use Cold Water to Rinse when you Wash Your Beard (Step 7)

One thing that you may notice is my beard still looks a little bit shiny as if I do have products in it. I want to point out that is not necessarily the water, but that is the conditioner mixed with the water…kind of like the remnants of the conditioner you know it’s not all conditioner but uh with that being said make sure you always close your products and put the tops on them because you don’t want water building up into your products.

The last step is you want to take a towel you don’t want to rub your beard you want to pat it like I’m doing in the video. You simply just pat your beard or you could use a t-shirt, which is a little bit better for your hair strand’s health, but at the end of the day as you can see how my beard looks:


With that being said, this is the best way to cleanse your beard. In the next blog, I’ll go into my beard routine method so please stay tuned and I’ll see you guys in the next video.