How to Install a Shower Filter for Better Skin Health 2023

Now, when today’s video, what I’m gonna be talking about is how to install a shower filter. You know what I’m saying? This is the one that I reference on my video before. If you haven’t watched that video, I’ll make sure I leave a link right above here where I covered the distilled water method.

Now, one thing I forgot to mention was that with the distilled water method, at the time, I did not have any spray bottles. But that’s one thing I love about you guys is that you, you guys always, uh, basically mention the things that I sometimes forget, You know what I’m saying? But you can put distilled water in the spray bottle and use that to wash your hair as well. But with this product today, what it does is it simply gets rid of the hard water that’s in your shower.

Process of Soft Water Becoming Hard Water

You know what I’m saying? Through a process of filtering it out. You know, if you don’t know what hard water is, basically the water that comes down whenever it rains is soft water. That’s probably the softest the water is gonna be because it’s gonna have some minerals in it, but it’s not gonna have too much. But once it hits the ground, it goes throughout the, the, the, all of the soil pipes and everything like that, and it starts attracting different minerals.

Soft Water Collecting Minerals

Now, some people tend to say that that, uh, hard water is, is better for you in regards to drinking it. Some people say that salt water is, some people prefer spring water. Some people even prefer drinking distill water. I’m not here to give you, uh, my, my personal recommendation on that. I’m here to be able to show you how to install a shower filter to be able to remove all these things out.

Why You need a Shower Filter for Hard Water

Steps to Install a Shower Filter

Now, when it comes to this brand, if you wanna be able to copy, I’m gonna make sure I put the link in, in the description down below, as well as the comments, you know what I’m saying? But, uh, just to go through and read some of the things off to you guys. When it comes to this shower filter, uh, this is the Aqua Bliss SF 100.

Now, some of the features, it’s a multi-stage water filtration device that targets chlorine, dirt, odors, and other impurities in water. It has a high water output of high capacity shower filter that works with your existing water pressure. It has a high durable design, which basically means that it’s thick.

It has a tough exterior for durability in rigid design for easy opening, and it has replaceable cartridges. Basically, the removable filter cartridges can be easily replaced within minutes. What it does, some of the benefits, it states that it purifies hot end cold water, which means it reduces chlorine and other impurities in both hot and cold water.

It greatly reduces chlorine, and by doing it, it protects your hair and skin from damage and from the drying effects of chlorine. It inhibits the growth of organic materials like bacteria and fungi to protect sensitive skin. It reduces chlorine inhalation, which basically reduces the chlorine released into the air while showering for a better respiratory health. It also revitalized the shower by infusing the water with vitamin C and minerals for a more revitalizing shower.

With that being said, once you want box here, what it looks like, it’s gonna come in this plastic right here. This is the shower filter within the plastic. It comes with the filter rings, as you guys can probably see in the video, these little filter rings that you put, uh, basically on the openings of the, the shower head. It also comes with the little o-ring, the, like the elastic o-rings that you can use. It’s to help seal in, uh, around the device. And then it comes with this cap right here.

This is basically a seal. So with that being said, I’m gonna go through it and show y’all how to install it. All right. So the first step that you have to do, you have to rinse the shower head by placing the shower filter under warm running water for 60 seconds. Uh, turn the shower filter over and run water in the opposite direction as well. Get

All right, boys and girls, we on step number two. You know what I’m saying? Once you get in the shower, some shower heads or the shower arms, you basically need to use a monkey wrench or something like this to be able to fit it around the fitting. Some of them are tight and too tight, so what I’m gonna do is make sure I get it the right, uh, size, and then take this bad boy off. And once you break your free, you can take the, uh, the, the, the wrench off of it, and then just simply turn it by hand.

All right? Now that it solved, one thing I misstated in the video, this is actually, uh, plumbing tape. You know what I’m saying? You have to use this whenever it comes to the threads around the portion of the shower head. So the direction says, wrap it around at least two to three times. This stuff is not adhesive, so you wanna make sure when you do it, you basically have it in place.

What I’m gonna do is go ahead and get the filters and basically have it to where I can just, once I get the tape on there, I’ll just put this on as well. All right. Now, whenever it comes to applying the, the shower filter on there, you want to take the female part.

The female part is basically the one that, uh, has the opening on this portion right here to connect to the male part on the shower head. So I’m gonna just take the shower filter ring right here, place it right there, and then get the plumbing tape and simply put it around three times around the threads. All right?

Once you have the Clement tape wrapped around three times, you basically just take the shower filter, get the o ring, the, the, I mean the screen filter, put it in there, tap it down just a little bit, and then just basically screw this bad boy on there in the clockwise direction.

Now, the directions say, hand turn it, so I’m not gonna use my, my wrench or anything like that to tighten it up. But then now the final step is just simply to take the shower head and put it back onto the shower filter. So once you get to the line, just simply, you start turning it, and voila.

Now my shower filter is connected to my shower head. Now on this step, you probably noticed that I did not put the little shower, uh, screen filter between the shower filter as well as the shower head. That’s really an optional step. The reason why I avoid doing that is so I can have a spare, uh, screen filter, so if anything happens to the wind on the back end, which connects right here onto the shower filter, I always have a replacement.

Now, the one thing I gotta say is once you have this thing installed, clearly it, it serves as an extender. And as you can see, your boy man, when you’re tall, stuff like this, as of right now, if I put this, this thing is in my face, I prefer to have it to where it’s on my head. So now when I take my shot while I’m at, I’m gonna have to be looking like these, you know what I’m saying?

But it is what it is, man. That’s one of the struggles of being tall. But if you are on the opposite spectrum and you short, you may have a Napoleon complex or whatever the case is, you know what I’m saying? This gonna help brighten your mood because it’s gonna bring the connector a little bit down to basically the level that you wanted at, you know. So with that being said, hope you guys enjoyed this video.

This was just a little short instructional, uh, tutorial of how to install it. I’ll make a follow up video in regards to the benefits of having a shower filter on here. If you have any comments, make sure you leave him down in the convers section below, but as you guys already know, with that being said, it’s your boy J Lu. Hope you guys have a blessed day, and at the end of the day, salute.