City Traders Imperium: How to Get Funded Up to $4,000,000

City Traders Imperium is a London-based prop firm that funds traders all over the world with access to capital ranging from $10,000 to $4,000,000. They offer one of the best scaling programs on the market with top-notch education programs as well. In this blog, we will provide all of the details necessary to help you learn everything you need to know about City Traders Imperium.

When it comes to prop trading companies that offer people the opportunity to get funded, City Traders Imperium is one of the companies that kept standing out in the gap. It got to a point where I figured I have done enough research on them to know they are a legit prop firm. Many people call them CTI for short but for the duration of this blog, I will refer to them as City Traders Imperium.

Let’s get straight into the core content of this blog and the reason why I believe City Traders Imperium is definitely a very slept-upon prop trading company, as well as some of the things that you all may have questions on.

Who is City Traders Imperium

Now if you do not know who City Traders Imperium is you can find a link to their website below

City Traders Imperium is a London-based prop firm

The one thing I wanted to highlight in this blog is that out of all of the research that I have done on prop trading firms, City Traders Imperium is one of the few, if not only prop trading firms that focus on the most important thing in trading and that is psychology.

One of the first things that they highlight on their site first is the fact that it says it’s the world’s best learning platform, then they emphasize funded trader programs, and that may be something small to other people, but wording matters. Typically, most prop trading farms highlight that you get funded or whatever, but City Traders Imperium really focuses on the learning aspect.

On their site, they used to offer a journal that if you provided your email address, you would receive a copy of it. It’s the only journal that I have ever seen where it focuses heavily on psychology when it comes to trading.

A lot of people like to focus on sniper entries and market execution and things of that nature, but if you have been trading for more than a year, the one thing that you know is that to beat these markets, you just have to have the right mindset, right? So the fact that their journal focuses on that is definitely a plus for me.

When you provide your email address for the journal, they will begin to market to you and one of the first emails is to welcome you to the City Traders Imperium community to make you feel welcomed into not just a prop trading firm, but a trading community. This is in no way a slight to any other company out there, but this is something I wanted to highlight with City Traders Imperium.

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What Forex Education Programs Does City Traders Imperium Offer?

So when it comes to that website, you can easily see they have many programs that you can look at. They have the Forex Education section where there are different courses they have added covering things from psychology to trading strategies.

Forex Education Courses offered by CTI

Forex for Beginners by City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is proud to announce the launch of its newest course, Forex for Beginners. This comprehensive program will teach students the basics of what Forex is and how to become a successful trader. Their goal with this course is for students to be able to learn how they can eventually get to a point of consistency to confidently enter the world of Forex trading and start making money. With this course, you will see that their main focus is to help students become successful traders and not just get funded like many other prop firms.

Build Your Edge by City Traders Imperium

They also offer a course called “Build Your Edge” which teaches people how to find their edge in the market by improving their psychology. The course covers concepts such as self-awareness, discipline, risk management, and emotional intelligence and the goal of the course is to help students become more aware of their own tendencies and biases so that they can make better decisions when trading. By understanding themselves better, students can learn to control their emotions and react more rationally to market fluctuations. The end result is a more confident trader who feels comfortable taking calculated risks.

Corrective Strategy by City Traders Imperium

Jamie Morris is not just the CCO of City Traders Imperium, but he is also a trader that found success in the markets by trading a mechanical rule-based process structured around how the markets look for liquidity pools. He created the Corrective Strategy course that helps to identify and capitalize on these liquidity pools. The key to this strategy is understanding how the market works and where liquidity can be found. By using this knowledge, Jamie has been able to create a successful strategy that helps him and others take advantage of opportunities in the market.

STT Strategy by City Traders Imperium

Daniel Martin is the founder of City Traders Imperium and he created the symmetrical triangle theory (STT) strategy for traders. The STT strategy focuses on high-risk-to-reward trades resulting from a low win ratio in order to achieve maximum profits. The purpose of this strategy is to maximize profits by making winning trades while sacrificing a higher percentage of losing trades based on following his detailed rules surrounding the concept of symmetrical triangle theory on multiple timeframes.

Bank Level Trading by City Traders Imperium

Diego Torres and Rodrigo Torres both work for City Traders Imperium and have teamed up to create a Bank Level Trading course that focuses on market structure at key levels and identifying patterns in the market to capitalize on. The course is designed for traders with a basic understanding of how the markets work, and who are looking to take their trading to the next level. If you are not a pattern trader, you may want to consider the previously mentioned courses; however, if you love to find patterns in the market, this course is for you.

More Information about City Traders Imperium

I wanna go down and scroll. We can get past it. If you wanna read the story, you can read the story. the fact that they have a 4.7 when it comes to their rating system, most people think that you can pay for these reviews on trust pilot. You cannot pay for these kinds of reviews. So the fact that they have over 173 people that have left a review, and it’s almost five stars, says a lot about trust pilot, right? So we go down to the programs. This is what I mentioned earlier. You can read through this a lot more. They allow you to book consultations. And this is a free consultation right here when it comes to our psychology. When it comes to the STT, this is symmetrical triangle theory. Now, most people may be wondering, Oh, well, symmetrical triangle theory, that’s just a pattern, da da da.

The way that Daniel teaches it, I haven’t taken the program or anything of that nature, but the way that I’ve seen him explain it is he takes a concept that is known, but he gives you rules and parameters to follow and things to make a tour. You’re not just looking for a pattern, but you actually have something to follow, right? and then to build your is the correct strategy, et cetera, et cetera. Now, that’s the first homepage. Now, what I wanna do is just take a look at that funding program and explain the reason why I decided to consider CTI for a prop trading firm moving forward in the future, right? Most companies that you all know of know that they give you funding and whatever. they typically have accounts that start from 10,000 and go all the way up to a hundred thousand.

Some even offer 200,000. The one thing about CTI is that their scaling plan is way different. They give you a maximum of $4 million. Damn. What that brings down to is they can give you two accounts, and then both of those accounts can be maxed out at $2 million each with sums up to 4 million. Right? Now, I don’t know anybody that personally that’s reached that level, but at the end of the day, the fact that there’s an opportunity, if you know how to trade, then this is an amazing opportunity, right? And if you’ve ever read the book Trading for a Living by Alexander Elby, what you’ll notice is one of the chapters he stated that if you can maintain, or I think to get I think two, 2% a month, there are companies that will give you tens of millions to manage, right?

So people tend to think that this isn’t realistic, but if you know how to trade, then this is very, there are companies that are willing to give you money in order to trade for them if they can get two to even 10% a month, right? So, with that being said, we get to scroll down to it. this is the program. I don’t wanna focus too much on that. the one thing I do wanna highlight is, unlike most prop firms, where it’s an evaluation and then you have to get verified, they have a one-step process. What that means is when they say get funded instantly, you choose your evaluation and you get di direct funding, which means that as long as you pass your evaluation, whatever you make during your evaluation process, I believe 50% is what you take home. Now, I don’t know, if you make more than the target, then they give you more than the target, right?

But then, the fact that, that it is just a one-step thing is one of the major reasons why I decided to go with CTI right now, when it comes to the qualifying pass, this is, it breaks this stuff down right here. They go into the portfolio managers. Once you become a portfolio manager, then instead of earning 50%, you go up to 60. and then once you become to reach the highest level, then you get 70%. Now, this is one of the biggest drawbacks that a lot of people have with CTI, is that on the market, it’s kind of standard where most pro firms will start you at 70% and even give you the opportunity to get 80% on your first payout, right? So this is one thing that I would encourage CTI to take a look at if they wanted to make themselves more competitive.

Now, being in the community, I don’t think that’s their focus. they have a just completely different approach when it comes to trading on, and I’ll explain that in a second. But the one thing I wanna focus on is, this is the reason why I decided to go with CTI, right? So when they say the best funding conditions, any account that you get has a one-to-100 leverage, right? As you all know I come from a swing trading background. So when it comes to swing trading, the fact that they allow all trading styles speaks volumes to me, right? There are a lot of companies, and their evaluations are set up to where if you’re a swing trader, it may not work best in your favor with the 30-day duration, just depending on, in regards to your risk management and things of that nature. But the fact that you can trade any style and you’re not penalized with that was huge. But what I wanna point out the most is that at the bottom, it says, We even let you use your own ea. Now, the reason why this sentence is important is that there are some companies out there, I’m not gonna say any names, but if you ever go on a prop firm’s website and they say that you can’t use your EA unless you submit your source code, that should be a rare flag. You better

Now, I don’t wanna focus you too much on that, but the fact that they don’t, they don’t check, they don’t ask you what your EA does or whatever the case is. They let you use whatever tools you want, They let you trade however you want. You can trade the news, you can hedge positions, then you can even leave your trades overnight and through the weekend, right? That’s major. A lot of companies will say, you have

Closure trades on the weekend. You have to close your trades at night.

Like this right? Here is the main reason why I decided to go with CTI. That’s why I was able to say, okay, the 70 profit split, To be honest, like I’ve already said in my videos, all you need is 50% from a company. If, if a company’s gonna gimme a hundred thousand dollars account, all I need is 50% from that, right? So they do the monthly withdrawals, like what everybody does when it comes to their capital skills, that they are basically just saying that this, you’re risking their money and you’re not risking your own. they do give you amazing flexibility. If you violate a rule, like most prop firms, if you violate a rule, what they typically will do is they will suspend your account or they’ll deactivate it or whatever the case is. But CTI, as long as it’s not a major violation either, they just don’t count it towards your profit, or they will explain to you like, Hey, if you do this again, then you will be penalized, right?

So this is one of the things that kind of showed me that they really care about their traders and securing their traders, and it doesn’t have that open door policy of they just want people to come in and out. They, they really want the best traders and they want to keep them, as a family, right? So this is a major for me. the one evaluation thing already explained is not just it’s two, it’s not two steps, it’s just one step. they have direct funds that you manage up to 4 million, and then they even give you a free course in regards to how to pass. Right? Now, the one thing I do want to go into is this. These are the guidelines, and I always encourage people to go through and read every single one of them. When you click on the website, make sure you go through and click and, and read every single thing, right?

These are some of the things that people will see as a major plus, but some of the things people may not like, right? The major plus on this one is they give you an entire year to pass your evaluation. Now, it is known that it takes maybe around two months to be able to pass your evaluation with CTI, but the fact that they give you an entire year to pass your evaluation, basically, they know that life happens, right? You may sign up for an evaluation, and guess what? Somebody in your family passes away, and it messes you up mentally. So now when you try to take trades with other companies, you only have 30 days and they can put even more pressure on you. But with CTI, if something like that was to happen, you could say, You know

What? If I wanna take two weeks off, or if I wanna take a month off just one, my family member, or whatever the case is, I can do that and still have time to be able to pass their evaluation. And it’s only a one-step process.

Now, the next thing, and this is the one thing that people may not like, is you have to actively trade for 30 days. What does this mean? Let’s say you hit your private target on the first day Like most companies will say, Okay,

Well, all you gotta do is just put a micro lot in just every other day until you reach there at their minimum level.

With CTI, you can’t do that, right? If you hit the maximum target in one day, you can’t just put 0.01 for the next 29 days. You have to actually trade because they wanna see how you manage the account. Some people can’t easily get lucky. It’s like a flip of a coin. They just put a huge risk. And then if it goes in that direction, and they can pass an account, this rule right here allows CTI to really see how do people trade and how do they handle losses and things of nature, right? So you may look at that as a good thing or a bad thing, but honestly, if you have an entire year, in my personal opinion, that’s a good thing right? Now, the next thing is the stop loss per position. This is 1.5%. if you know anything about risk management, then they have a, I’ll show you all in a second how you can see this and calculate this. They have the max loss allowed as 5%. They have the max lots as well. You can go through and read this as well. When it comes to the accounts, they basically will say based off of your leverage, then you can only put a maximum of a certain amount of loss off of your account size, right?

So they have really taken a lot of factors in. What a lot of people don’t understand about the way CTI set up is they used to be a brick and mortar prop firm, right? And because of the way that the world is going, they, they want it to become more of a electronic version online prop firm, right? So with that being said, now we can get into the programs. When it comes to the programs most people are used to seeing 10,000 all the way up to a hundred thousand, maybe even 200,000. But CTI what they do is they cap it at 70,000 if you were in the u United States, right? So what this basically means is once you do your evaluation, you’ll start off with a $17,500 account. Once you pass, it only takes $1,225. In order to pass the the evaluation, you have a maximum loss of 5%.

But the biggest whammy that a lot of people don’t like about CTI is the relative drawdown through these evaluation phases, right? Most traders are not used to relative drawdown. Most traits like to be able to make 2%, and then on the next day lose 4%, and then on the next day you make 6% or whatever the case is. The reason why CTI does this is because, like I said, they come from the background of the brick and mortar prop firm, where if you are, if you have a large number of clients, you cannot one week go up 2% and then the next week go down 4%, because you may have a client that comes in on a week that you went down 4% and then makes your company look bad. So during the evaluation, they see if you can actually beat the, the, the mindset that most traders cannot overcome, which is the relative draw down.

And if you can, what this does is this actually makes you better as a trader. Instead of you trying to take every single trade, you keep in mind that you should only take trades that that matter, right? So you could look at that as a negative or positive, but in my personal opinion this is something I’ve always looked in my account as relative drawdown. I’m not trying to make $2,000 the next day lose 3000, and the next day make 4,000, right? The fluctuation is how a lot of people stay in the break even phase. so I’ve always treated my accounts as relative drawdown, and the fact that they make that for the evaluation is a good thing. But one thing I do wanna point out is APAs evaluation. It is an absolute drawdown, which means that once you have 70,000, it doesn’t float with you, right?

So once you can get past the evaluation phase, and you don’t have to worry about the relative draw down, and that’s one, that’s a major plus. and then like I said, they make you put a stop loss. I didn’t say this earlier, but they make you put a stop loss as well, right? So you have to put a stop loss within a certain amount of time in order for any profits that you obtain for in the account. If you take a trade and you don’t place a stop loss, and even if you may on your, you, you place three trades and they all get you to the take profit factor, but you never had a stop loss, they will not count towards your progress because at the end of the day, they wanna see that you are calculating your risk and minimizing your risk and things of that, that nature, right?

So the one thing about CTI that I like is this is the evaluation. Not a lot of companies offer the direct funding option, but the ones who do, I’ve gone through and reviewed several ones, and if you guys want me to, I can make comparison video, but I really didn’t wanna do that with this video. I didn’t wanna take away any shine from CTI. but if you click right here, it’ll switch to direct funded. So if you do not want to take the evaluation progress or phase of it, then what you could do is instantly get a direct funded account by just paying this fee right here, right? Now. One thing I wanna say about these fees, these fees just simply cover, if you know anything about math and, and leverage and, and account sizes, this fee is a cover, the 5% absolute drawdown of the account, right?

So because of they, they are giving you a one to 100 leverage, what you’re doing is this is covering your losses, right? So instead of you putting 3000 into a a, an accounting only having 3000, the way CTI does it is they say, Hey, you give us 3000 because of how leverage works, you’ll be able to have a $70,000 account. And then therefore, instead of you starting off with 3000 of your own money and a personal account, you can have 70,000 in our account, right? So this is one thing for people who know how to trade that probably don’t wanna go through the evaluation. The the one difference is through the evaluation, you can only trade Forex, which is currency pairs, but once you become a portfolio manager or you get a direct funded account, then you can trade gold indices as well as currency pairs, right?

So with that being said, this explains the programs that they have. Now, people may wanna know about the, the scaling options right? Now, this is the one thing that really stood out to me when you first start off, Like I said, it’s only one step process is the evaluation. You started with 17,000, and this is the relative drawdown, right? But as you can see, for every level after that, there’s not a relative drawdown. There’s a absolute maximum stop out level, which is the absolute drawdown right here, right? So when you get to the, the proper targets, as you can see, you only have to make 12 1225 on the first level. Once you hit 7,000 on the next level, which is basically 10%, then you go to the next level. On next level. Now, I know a few people within the CCI community where they are at profit portfolio manager too, right? And that’s a, that’s an amazing thing, you know? So with that being said, the way that it scales out, they may not start you off with a hundred, a hundred thousand dollars account or $200,000 account, but if you know how to trade and you know how to trade can consistently, then what you can do is you can easily scale up. And the thing I like about CTI scaling plan versus other companies that are on the market, other companies typically will say,

Hey, as long as you have been with us for a certain amount of time period, and you’ve reached these levels after a certain number of months, then we will scale you up.

What CTI does is they say, Once

You hit your target, your perfect target, then you get scaled

Up, right? So let’s say you start off as an, as an inva. you start your evaluation off, you do the 30 days for the rest of these accounts. You, you don’t have a cap when it comes to how long or how fast it could take you for, for you to hit, hit these targets, right? So let’s say you took 30 days to pass the evaluation, because that’s the minimum active trading days that you have to use. But once you get to par portfolio manager, number one, level one, you don’t have to worry about 30 days. If you hit 7,000 on the first day, guess what? Instantly you go to project portfolio manager level two, and then instantly you go to the next one if you continually hit these targets. So this is one of the main things that really this, this is another one of the main decisions of why I chose to go with CTI right now.

They have the different options, right? They can do the $1,250 scaling plan. They have the 10,000 as well then they have a 5,000, and then I think the smallest one that they have is 25,000. The one that I signed up for is this 10,000. I was like, Let me go ahead and do the 10,001 and in, I’ll show you guys that in a second. But this is how their, their, their program looks. In my personal opinion, CCI is, is a clear winner. People don’t like relative drawdown. People also don’t like the 30 day minimum. But once you get over those things, then it’s like they give you the best opportunity as a trader and they have a very small closeness community which really is looking out for you. They drop signals and they do analyses and things of that nature in, in their community, just in my personal opinion, actually feels like a trading community.

It doesn’t make you feel as if you’re kind of out there on your own, you know? So the next thing I wanna point out is when it comes to trading, now this is my $10,000 account that I started with CTI. As you can see, a lot of people sometimes criticize them because they don’t have a dashboard on their website. But what they have done is created the CTI risk manager. And what it will do is when you go through and set this up, if I was to right-click on my screen and bring up my indicators, right? One of the things that you’ll notice is they give you the option to select evaluation, or you can select if you’re a portfolio manager, if you’re a portfolio manager, all this stuff changed, but mine is in evaluation. I signed up after this date right here.

So that means I can follow the new rules and then they give you the option to show a full screen or overlay. you, they can show you all this information, you can click to see if you wanna see it or whatever, but I don’t wanna change any of that stuff. I just wanna point out that what this shows me is that the highest balance is I, haven’t taken a single trade on this account. It’s said 10,000. The maximum I can lose is 500, right? It shows me my stop-out level, which is 9,500. Then it goes to, it says my target is basically 10,700. I have to make $700 on this account in order for me to pass the evaluation. I have 336 days. Now, the reason why it shows 29 days elapsed was because whenever I bought this account, I was focused on other things.

So that’s the reason why it’s 29 days, I have an entire year, right? So with that being said, I’ll be able to use this account and if you guys want me to, I can make videos, and show you guys, what my progress is, but they also show you the maximum and minimum active trading days. Once you place a trade, then it counts toward your minimum trading days. If I wanted to place a trade, it would count it as one right here, but I’m, I’m not gonna do that cause I don’t wanna use like a 0.01 or anything of that nature. But then they also tell you, like when it comes to the rules, it’ll tell you your max lot size. The maximum I can use is 0.6 on this account. So this always lets me know I have a EA that lets me know what my loss size needs to be.

as of right now as saying if I wanted to risk 1%, then I need to use 0.18. As you can see with the way that this is set up, 0.18 is nowhere close to 0.6, right? So with that being said, if I wanted to, I could place a trade on EU and then I could probably go to another market such as GU and place another trade as well, right? So with that being said, it’ll tell you if your exposure is not okay. What this means is whenever you place your lot size on there, oh, whenever it moves up, if you don’t have a stop loss on there, your stop loss is your exposure level, right? So the further your stop loss is, then the bigger your exposure. but once your trade goes, like, let’s say I entered into a trade right here, right?

Let’s say I put a buy limit. Let me go ahead and click, let me put a buy limit right here, right? Once I put a by limit, as you’ll notice, it will say that my stop loss is at zero just because of the simple fact that this is a pending order. But if this was an active thing, this would tell me what my stop loss was in percentage amounts, and then what it would do. when it comes to the exposure, as long as I had the trade it was in, in drawdown, I would have a certain amount of exposure based off of the distance of my stop loss. Once this goes up in profit and I move my stop loss to break even, and let, let’s say I move my stop loss to break even my exposure now becomes zero and it’ll say that my exposure is okay and I can place another 0.6 lot size on the account, you know?

So with that being said, I think that’s a really dope feature. I’m gonna go ahead and, and delete this pending order. Now, with that being said, hopefully, this video has shown you all. One of the reasons why I decided to go with CTI, I wanted to make this video go into detail because not a lot of people give CTI as much shine when it comes to the internet or whatever within this community, but they are a pro that they are working in the background. They really don’t care about the limelight like that. You know, like they have their rules, they stick to them, and as long as their rules align with yours, then it can work, right? Some people and other prop firms are set up for other people. And the way the CTI I has their set up is that it is set up for certain people.

So if you don’t like their rules, you don’t have to say anything bad about them, you can just keep it moving. But with that being said, it’s your boy J Lu, you all enjoyed this video. If you have any comments or questions, make sure you leave ’em down in the comments section below, and if there are any comments or questions that I see, I’ll make sure I get back to them in the future. If you want me to make a video about this journey and this process with this account, let me know in the comments as well. But with that being said, hope you all have a blessed day, and see you in the next video.