Top 4 Best Durags for Waves, Dreadlocks/Locs, or Braids

When it comes to getting the perfect waves, protecting your dreadlocks/locs, or keeping your braids clean, choosing the best durags is essential and you want to make sure you get one at a good price!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information out there when it comes to choosing the best durags on the market. Some people say that you should only use a silky durag, while others say that a satin durag is the best to wear. But what is the truth?

Are durags only for men or can women wear them too? Do you know the different types of durags on the market and the benefits of each one to select the best one?

Different Types of Durags?

If you are looking like Jack Sparrow after reading the above, this blog was written just for you. You are JustinTime to learn which durag to get that is the best for your hair and hairstyle!


1) What Makes Silky Durags the Best?

Silky durags are usually made from a polyester blend fabric and have a smooth, sleek texture. This type of durag is great for adding shine and definition to your waves if you want that silky look and feel. However, silky durags can sometimes slide off your head which could cause frizz if you are sleeping to wake up and find out that your durag is no longer on your head.

They come in any color you desire such as red, blue, orange, green, purple, yellow, white, black, etc. You can even buy some that have designs in them such as the following to match an outfit:

Premium Silky Durag Wave Cap Multi Colors Designer Durag

A silky durag is also not as good at absorbing water as satin or velvet durag. Most of the durags on the market that are advertised to black men as a good silky durag are really just a variation of a satin durag.

The term “silky durag” is new and used for easy reference. When people say they want a silky durag, they really just want a good durag that will provide a silky look or style as the end result of taking the silky rag off their head for a wave check.

The price to buy real silk to make a durag is not worth the cost to add them to your cart at checkout! They may look nice but the price does not justify any benefit I may see with using a silky durag versus using a satin durag.

The following chart is based on research that I have done over the years to determine what is the superior material to choose and as you all can see below that silk and satin are very close in their final results of testing.

Frictional Coefficient of Durag Material Against African Hair Chart

Frictional Coefficient of Sliding Different Material Against African Hair

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2) What Makes Satin Durags the Best?

Satin durags are made from a lustrous fabric that has a softer feel than real silk durags. They are great at absorbing water, which is why it’s the best fabric for waves. Satin durags also help to reduce frizz and keep your waves looking sleek all day long with amazing compression that allows them to be worn all day if needed to protect different hairstyles.

Satin durags can be bought at a reasonable price as well and most products on the market, no matter the brand, typically use satin material for any head covering product you search for that is made for black men’s and black women’s hair.

You can get any color as stated before like red, blue/navy, orange, yellow, green, white, black, etc. Please keep in mind that when you are buying a durag because of the reference, you will often see a silky durag labeled as a silky satin durag as well.

Best Durags: 8 Pack of Satin Durag

3) What Makes Velvet Durags the Best?

Velvet durags are made from a thick, plush fabric that feels luxurious against your skin. Velvet is excellent at absorbing water and helping to define your waves. However, this type of durag can be a little heavy and may not be ideal for everyday use.

6 Pack of Velvet Durag

4) What Makes Mesh Durags the Best?

Mesh durags are made with thinner, but stronger material that has holes in them to allow your hair to breathe. Mesh durags are primarily used when you do a “Wash and Style” to cover your hair and rinse shampoo or conditioner out. They are also great for when you are working out or playing sports because they prevent your hair from sticking up while you are sweating if you do not want to wear a sweatband.

Green Mesh Durag Wave Cap for Compression


For Durag History Week, I made a video to discuss the differences between silky durags versus polyester durags. Many people ask me do they need to buy a silky durag for waves and it just depends on your budget and your lifestyle regarding how often you will wear one, as well as where you will wear one.

Wave Check Durag

If you plan to show up to a wave check, you want to make sure your hair will look the best, but you also want to make sure your durag has style. The most searched color for durags is red or blue, so if you plan to show up to a wave check, and you want to put wavers on notice that your headwear gives them something to remember consider rocking a rag that reflects your wave patterns and offers compression to ensure that when you unrag, your hair is looking silky!

Click below to watch the video to learn the Truth about Silky Durags and do not forget to subscribe:

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So, what’s the best wave durag on the market? Below are the recommendations we suggest:

JustinTime Premium Silky Satin Durag

We recommend our JustinTime Silky Satin Premium Durag. It’s made from high-quality satin fabric to give you the benefit of a satin durag, the shine of a silky durag and it is designed to help you achieve the perfect wave pattern and give you the best results.

JustinTime Premium Silky Durag

Our site offers many different color options, such as red, black, white, silver, orange, and purple. Our red durag is the top-selling durag that people add to their cart for checkout.

What is the Price of your Durag?

We understand that price plays a factor and our shop price is very competitive compared to the level of quality our durags are made with and shipping is within 24 hours of your order whether you are in the United States or overseas. We believe that you all will agree that the price of our durags will meet your expectations. If your country is not listed, we can change our page to show items that will apply for shipping to your country at checkout.

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Is it Spelled Durag, Du rag, Dew rag or Do rag?

The last word when want to mention is how to pronounce and spell it correctly. Back in the day, some people used to refer to them as a “cloth band” worn on their forehead to stop sweat from getting into their eyes. This all changed in the early 70s when people started to change the reference of their headwear items. The New York Times wrote a newsletter to explain that it is called a durag and not do-rag or the other phrases back in 2018. If you would like to read it, check out the article linked above, and feel free to subscribe to their promotions for less than $1/week if you create an account.