Andre Rozier Honest on Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis 2024

Who is Andre Rozier | Legendary Boxing Trainer

Andre Rozier is a boxing trainer who has worked with some of the best boxers in the world. He is considered to be a legendary figure in the sport and Andre Rozier has helped many fighters achieve great success. Andre Rozier has a vast amount of knowledge about the sweet science of boxing and he is always looking to help his fighters improve. As a true student of the game, Andre Rozier’s passion for boxing is evident in everything he does.

Andre Rozier Legendary Boxing trainer with Daniel Jacobs

Therefore, when he sat down to speak on upcoming matchups in the boxing world Andre Rozier with Fight Hype, we definitely wanted to take some time to highlight the points he made about the biggest fights to be made in the lighter divisions in the sport. He recently gave his thoughts on some potential upcoming matchups and shared what he thinks about the styles of the fighters involved. Check out some excerpts from Andre Rozier’s interview below.

On Devin Haney Dominating George Kambosos to Become Undisputed

Devin Haney and George Kambosos had a showdown in Australia for the Undisputed lightweight championship. Devin Haney put on a masterclass boxing exhibit against George Kambosos. In the end, Haney was declared the winner by unanimous decision and became the new undisputed lightweight champion.

Both fighters came out aggressive from the opening bell, looking to establish their dominance; however, Haney was the more active fighter, throwing and landing more punches. Kambosos came out flat-footed and could not answer Haney’s jab.

When asked about the match Andre Rozier had the following to say:

Andre Rozier talks Devin Haney vs Gervonta Davis

“Devin did exactly what his corner wanted him to do. Yoel Judah was expressing to him ‘box, box’ and that’s exactly what he did for 12 rounds. He made it look like easy work, and that’s because he followed the instructions of his corner and he utilized his true capabilities, and of course, the number one weapon in boxing is the jab and that’s what won him the fight.”


On George Kambosos Wanting to Activate His Rematch Clause against Devin Haney

Despite, the masterclass put on by Devin Haney to get the unanimous decision over George Kambosos, it is looking like Kambosos wants to activate his rematch clause against Devin Haney. Many people do not believe Kambosos should do this because of how he lost, but Haney has been very vocal about honoring the rematch clause by saying, “at the end of the day I did sign up for a rematch,” Haney added. “It’s in the contract. I am a man of my word and your word is everything. If you ain’t got your word, you’ve got nothing.”

When asked about the potential rematch, this is what Andre Rozier had to say:

“In my opinion, it makes no sense. I see the same scenario repeating itself. I don’t want to see that. I want to move on to the more exciting capabilities that are out there. The matchups in the lightweight division are super duper exciting, there are so many of them. Let’s move on to that.”

On Devin Haney Calling Out Gervonta Tank Davis

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer who has held multiple world championships in three weight classes and he currently holds an interim title. Fans of the sport are drawn to Davis because of his exceptional punching power. He currently has 27 wins on his boxing record with an outstanding 25 knockouts for a KO percentage of 93%. His explosive style has earned him the nickname “Tank” because he takes punches while delivering devastating KOs.

Before Haney’s match-up with Kambosos, Gervonta Davis tweeted out that he wanted the winner of the fight; however, after Haney dominated Kambosos and is up for a potential rematch with Kambosos, Davis has not said much.

When Haney was interviewed by Top Rank after the fight, they brought the situation up and Haney stated when asked after he won what did he do about the tweets and Haney had the following to say, “Well we haven’t heard much after the fight. We don’t know if he changed his mind or what.” You can catch that full interview below:

Davis is one of the most highly touted prospects in boxing, but Haney does not seem to be intimidated by Tank’s knockout and boxing ability.

When asked about the potential match between Haney and Davis, this is what Andre Rozier had to say:

“That would have to be a very, very strategic fight. You have the articulate boxer facing the extremely powerful Davis in his ability to render you unconscious. So I think it’ll be a great fight and honestly, I can’t even pick a winner on that one…I like power so I’d have to lean towards Davis.”


On Devin Haney Facing Off Against Vasiliy Lomachenko

Vasiliy Lomachenko is a Ukrainian professional boxer and a former world champion in three weight classes. Lomachenko’s rise to fame started in the amateurs where he finished off with a record of 396 wins and 1 loss. Once he made his professional debut he has been praised as one of the best boxers in the world today in the lightweight division because of his footwork, hand speed, timing, accuracy and dynamic movement, which earned him the nickname “The Matrix”.

Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko have some history in the fact that Haney called him out after one of his wins, which led to Vasiliy Lomachenko requesting to become the Franchise Champion to avoid fighting Haney. After becoming Franchise champion, the WBC took Vasiliy Lomachenko’s belt and gave it to Haney since Haney was his mandatory and Lomachenko avoided him.

Lomachenko lost to Teofimo Lopez, but he is still considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world according to ESPN and now that Haney has a contract with ESPN, they want to schedule a match between the two since both fighters have different boxing styles.

When asked about the potential match between Haney and Lomachenko, this is what Andre Rozier had to say:

“He’s an undisputed world champion, he has to face everyone now. You have every belt so that is your history, and that’s your pedigree now — you have to face all-comers because you have all the straps. And that would be a very strategic bout. Lomochenko is a very kinetic and articulate fighter and he does things that a lot of people can’t do.

And Haney would have to be at his very best — his very, very best — to meet this challenge. I would actually have to I would pinch a little bit more towards Haney because of the size, believe it or not. But Lomo is on fire it’s going to be trouble in the house.”

On Naoya Inoue’s Knockout Win over Nonito Donaire

Naoya Inoue is a Japanese professional boxer and a three-division world championship. Many boxing fans say that Inoue is a special talent, and one of the best boxers in the world today. His knockout rate is impressive with 23 wins and 20 knockouts for a KO percentage of 87%, and his hard-hitting style has earned him the nickname “The Monster”.

Inoue’s most recent win came against Nonito Donaire, a fighter with an impressive resume himself. Inoue knocked out Donaire to retain his titles. This was a back-and-forth fight, with both men having their moments. However, Inoue’s power proved to be too much for Donaire, and he was ultimately able to get the victory.

When asked about Naoya Inoue’s recent win, Andre Rozier had the following to say:

“Oh my God. Inoue is like a superhero. Unbelievable. I mean unbelievable, the baddest little man on the planet. Truly. I’m a big fan of his. I don’t really think there’s anything at 118 for him. I think he needs to go up to 122 just because there’s nothing at 118.”

On Naoya Inoue vs Stephen Fulton for Super Bantamweight

When asked about Naoya Inoue vs Stephen Fulton, this is what Andre Rozier had to say:

“I love Stephen. Stephen is a baaaad boy. I mean, he is a sharpshooter, his nickname should be ‘Razor’ because that’s how sharp he is when he’s working. He works off his jab, his counters, his combinations, his inside work, his footwork is all on the scale of fabulous, and Inoue would have to move up to meet him at it.

“Now I’ll put it to you like this, if Inoue can bring all of those good things up to 122, you talking about a helluva fight that I would have to side with Inoue on. But, if he can’t bring that 100% to 122, the bad boy at 122 in Stephen Fulton is gonna have some fun in that ring.”

On Whether Inoue Deserves to Be on the Pound for Pound List

When asked about Naoya Inoue being on the pound for pound list and if he is the best, this is what Andre Rozier had to say:

“I would have to say right now he is…you have to give him incredible credit for what he’s doing. I mean, he’s destroying legends. And with that being said, you have to give the credit. Remember, the mythical pound-for-pound ranking is all about what you do, where you’re at. What he’s doing, where he’s at, is bordering on miraculous and incredible.”

If you would like to see the full interview from Fight Hype, check it out here: